I paint from photographs. I try to work with themes. 'Buildings', a project began in 2008, is an attempt to reclaim social housing and architecture from the post-war years; paintings have been exhibited in diverse London locations from the 21st Floor of the iconic Balfron Tower, to Huguenot Spitalfields, and Erno Goldfinger's NT home in Hampstead, winning prizes and media coverage along the way. 'Dockside Dandies' or 'The Dockside Dandies of Lowestoft', so titled after I gained Arts Council England funding, was a much publicised research into a 1960's craze for distinctively dazzling suits amongst young fisherman in my hometown. North Sea studies I've considered various personal journeys as paintings. The 'Road' series was planned as an attempt to record events of the everyday.

Buildings   Dockside Dandies   North Sea studies   Road Series



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